Update 31/03/2019: This is apparently Trans Day of Visibility 2019. OBJECT want to help expose the misogyny and lesbophobia of the ‘trans’ movement. Incredible new research was published today by Angela Wild of Get The L Out. It shows that within ‘LGBT’ spaces, lesbians are pressured to have sex with ‘transwomen’ (men) - this is corrective rape and conversion therapy. Lesbians have been threatened, assaulted and raped by these men, all under the guise of ‘trans-inclusivity’. We OBJECT. Please read the full report here and share widely to make this truth visible to all.

Update 28/03/2019: Read our latest blog post on OBJECT’s feminist expedition to New York City! Our OBJECTive was to promote and launch The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights. We also joined a protest against the decriminalisation of prostitution outside New York City Hall; met a group of ‘detransitioned’ women from the Pique Resilience Project; and brought up the topic of ‘transgenderism’ while networking at side events of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Update 26/02/2019: The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights is a re-affirmation of women’s rights as human rights, emphasising that that the oppression of women is based on sex, and not the postmodern notion of ‘gender identity’. The Women’s Declaration has its own website here and we have also added a section on our website.