Update 18/12/2018: We have just sent out our December Newsletter - news about our activist meeting; the amazing RadFem101 event hosted by Let A Woman Speak (which included 3 OBJECT representatives - Sheila Jeffreys, Heather Brunskell-Evans and Kate Graham); plus our Twitter campaign against ‘porn star martinis’ being sold at M&S! Click here to subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t done so already.

Update 02/12/2018: OBJECT supported Linda Bellos and Venice Allan at Westminster Magistrates Court on 30/11/2018. A man called Giuliana Kendal made a private prosecution against Linda Bellos for stating (via a livestream broadcast by Venice Allan) that she would defend herself if attacked. Self defence is no offence! The case was rightfully taken over and discontinued by the CPS. Lily Maynard has written a wonderful account of this event on her blog: “Linda Bellos and Venice Allan. No case to answer!

Update 25/11/2018: We have added some fantastic journal articles from Professor Sheila Jeffreys (member of OBJECT management committee as of 2018) - topics include transgendering children, the strip club boom and toilet politics!

Update 19/11/2018: OBJECT’s article on The Yogyakarta Principles has been translated into French by Nicolas Casoux (Les Principes De Jogjakarta: une menace internationale contre les droits des femmes). The Yogyakarta Principles are a set of guidelines that promote the idea of ‘gender identity’ in international law - if you were concerned about the GRA Reform, you should care about this! - the YPs are the driving force advocating for ‘gender self-ID’ worldwide). As this issue calls for us to cooperate internationally, we would be grateful if anyone would like to translate the article into other languages.