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‘Doxxing’ refers to the practice where someone’s personal information (e.g. address, real name) is discovered/researched online, and then made public (or given to employers, relatives, or others) for malicious reasons. Many feminists remain anonymous online when speaking out against issues such as ‘transgenderism’, prostitution and pornography due the very real threat of male violence being inflicted upon women who disagree with malestream doctine. The ‘trans’ lobby have also coined the term ‘transphobia’ , which is used to imply that feminists are bigots if they disagree with any ‘transgender’ practices (such as drugging and surgically mutilating children) or beliefs (e.g. that women can have penises).

OBJECT’S Doxxing Dossier

OBJECT have compiled a Doxxing Dossier of women who have been affected by ‘doxxing’ - please contact us if you know of anyone else who could be added to the list.

OBJECT’s Doxxing Guidance

Our chair Janice Williams was targetted by a ‘doxxer’ who complained to her employer after she participated in the ‘Get The L Out’ protest at London Pride 2018. The complaint was not withheld. Janice has written up her guidance on what to do if you are ‘doxxed' for ‘transphobia’.