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Self-congratulatory love-fest masquerades as policy seminar

An insight into the biased 'training' events held (at considerable profit) by the so-called Public Policy Exchange. These events offer 'training' to police forces and charitable organisations, claiming to educate on the issue of prostitution – but only offering a pro-prostitution perspective. We OBJECT to greedy organisations and individuals who endorse and perpetuate sexual slavery for financial gain. This is Janice Williams' account of attending one of PPE’s events in September 2016, first published on Nordic Model Now's website.

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ProstitutionJanice Williams
Hot Chocolate Doesn't Help Women Exit Prostitution

Critique of an article in the Manchester Evening News, praising a so-called 'sex workers' charity' which offers prostituted women hot drinks – BUT calls them “sex workers” and claims that they are just doing a “tough job” like “any other worker.” We OBJECT to irresponsible media referring to the sexual exploitation of women as a “job”. The MEN article blames women for their own abuse and covers up the culpability of the men who use/abuse prostituted women. We OBJECT.

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ProstitutionHannah Harrison
The Brothel Next Door

Gemma Oldman describes her experience of a pop-up brothel setting up next door. She took extensive notes and reported her concerns to the police and a human trafficking helpline. Is enough being done to help victims of sex trafficking in the UK? We don’t think so. There are no consequences for the punters, the men who buy and rape the victims. We OBJECT.

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Take Women off the Menu

OBJECT recently held our 15th Annual General Meeting in London. On our way to the venue, we removed 64 prostitution ads from 3 phone boxes. These ads displayed women’s bodies like meat on a menu, available for men’s consumption. We OBJECT.

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I, DANIEL BLAKE’s portrayal of prostitution

This review discusses the role that prostitution plays in the life of Katie, the young single mum in Ken Loach’s 2016 film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’.

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