Update 18/03/2019: OBJECT have just returned from promoting and launching The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights in New York! We are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. This problem is being investigated by our web host and will hopefully be resolved shortly.

Update 26/02/2019: New info added on the Women’s Declaration (previously referred to as The London Principles)!

The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights is a re-affirmation of women’s rights as human rights, emphasising that that the oppression of women is based on sex, and not the postmodern notion of ‘gender identity’. The Women’s Declaration has its own website here and we have also added a section on our website, where you can find out more about what the Women’s Declaration is, why it is needed, and how you can get involved in supporting and spreading word of the Declaration (perhaps by organising your own launch event, big or small). The Women’s Declaration is being launched at an event in New York on 15th March 2019 (coinciding with the 63rd session of UN Commission on the Status of Women also taking place in NY).

Update 14/01/2019: OBJECT have compiled a ‘Doxxing Dossier’ of feminists and ‘gender critical’ people who have been targeted and ‘doxxed’ by ‘transactivists.’ Also read our guidance on what to do if you are ‘doxxed’ for ‘transphobia’.

Update 06/01/2019: Happy New Year! Here is our review of OBJECT’s work and success during 2018!